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To Accelerate your Email Marketing

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Here's how we do it...


Identify the companies you want to reach

You provide guidance on what types of companies you want to direct your messaging towards. Common examples are: specific industries, specific geographies, specific size of  companies, companies  attending a specific event, etc. We’ll identify these companies based on your needs. These will form the core of your new custom email marketing list.


Identify the people you want to reach

You probably have a vision of the type of people within these companies that you’d like to reach. For example in specific functional areas, with specific titles, of certain seniority levels, etc. We’ll identify them for you


Email addresses

Once the people are identified, we will research and identify their email addresses. Unlike most mass market lists, we will actually test these email addresses before delivering your new custom list to you. While no list of email addresses is perfect, our lists typically are 98+% accurate and have active email addresses.


How we’ll work together

We prefer a collaborative approach. While you have the vision for your campaigns, we can contribute guidance through our experience in building custom target lists. We usually start with a brainstorming discussion, after which we’ll do some preliminary research that we’ll share with you. Then, we’ll dive into building your new list and share our progress as we go along.

After our initial brainstorming discussion, we’ll provide a cost proposal for building your new list. These projects are typically delivered within 30 days. We’ll deliver an Excel spreadsheet containing your list, which you can load into your marketing system of choice. The list is yours to use as often and for as long as you restrictions.


To learn about our services and how we can help you accelerate your email marketing campaigns, please give us a call (630-545-0506) or send an email (